The heart of photography is the thrill of discovery: somewhere nearby, even right now, is a breathtaking image waiting to be captured on pigment and pixel. There's no rush quite like it.

Commercial Photography

I don't just take pictures, I capture moments. It's not about the picture, it's about the moment that captures the attention of your client, customer, or curious patron. I've always adored how in the right conditions a mundane object may be bestowed upon itself a mythic quality, or subconsciously attached a narrative, simply by the emotional resonance a particular shade or saturation its cast under. I've found this to be the case whether it's a tree, a toddler, or a traffic light.


In every event lies an energy and feeling begging to be preserved, and the heart of every feeling is the people who fill the space. So whether you want your viewer to absorb the grand scope, or to latch on to the individuals that form the lifeblood of any experience, my trusty cameras and I are ready, focused, and eager to snap, save, and showcase.

Production Stills

There's no magic quite like movie magic. This extraordinary and unique process unlike any other art form in existence deserves a ready, focused, and all-encompassing eye coupled with camera to document the excitement, stress, and altogether enthralling adventure in the world of Film & Television. I make these moments shine, let them last the test of time, and ultimately proliferate this magic so you can look back on this process with fond memories, have the perfect promotional material ready for market, and a well-documented record of the who, what, when, where, why-not?

More, more, more....

My diverse range of photographic experiences extend far well beyond just the categories mentioned above. Between architecture, landscapes, portraits, still life, and a myriad other subjects, if you have a thought of how I might be able to help out, give me a ring and we'll talk it out to see just how we can bring your photographic vision to your very own pigment-and-pixel scavenger hunt. Happy Trails!

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